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PV solar Design and installation

Our Services

Solaropoly, Inc is committed to delivering you a high level of service. We are able to provide energy users like you the support they need from initial energy assessment to on-going maintenance on their tailored solar energy solution.

Site Analysis: Solaropoly will provide both remote and on-site analysis to give you a better idea of the options and capabilities you have to generate clean energy for your electrical power needs.  Our team will begin with a remote assessment that starts by understanding your goals and using satellite views of your location.  We also work with you to understand what financial options work best for you.

Design a Tailored Solution: Once Solaropoly has understands of your needs, we develop a solar solution and financial analysis for you.  This will give you a good idea of what you can expect from clean energy produced by our solar solution.

Delivery of the Solution: Solaropoly will pull together all the paperwork, equipment and material to build the solar solution that is right for you.  Using our team of experts and suppliers, we will work to bring all the pieces together for you in the shortest possible time.  A critical component in realizing clean energy is filing all the required paperwork for rebates and obtaining the required permits.  Our team manages all of that for you.

Installation: As soon as we have all the required permits and equipment, we will schedule the on-site installation.  This will be done safely by our licensed professional team with the least amount of disruption of your daily activities. 

Remote Performance Monitoring: An important part of getting the most out of your clean energy solar solution is to monitor its performance and quickly address any maintenance needs.  We can install and provide remote monitoring capabilities to your system and alert you of any issues we detect.

Maintenance: While the system requires little maintenance, it is important to understand that cleaning the panels periodically allows them to perform at their designed levels.  Just like the windows on your house need to be cleaned so do the panels.  Solaropoly offers an annual service program that will provide important maintenance need where we will inspect and clean your panels.  As well, our maintenance team can address any issues you or we detect with your system and file any warranty claims that back with the equipment manufacture on your behalf. Our number one service goal is to provide you with a solar solution that meets you energy, financial and environmental objectives.