Providing Clean Energy Solar Solutions

Smart, Clean Energy that works for you!

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Solaropoly helps customers lower their energy costs and reduce their carbon impact on the environment.

We measure our success through the success of our customers.

Solaropoly takes two approaches:

First, we look for opportunities where you can reduce your energy consumption. In many cases this is as easy as changing a light bulb or using a power strip for all your rechargeable devices such as phones, PDAs, laptops, etc.

Second, we look at what opportunity you have for supplementing or replacing your current energy source with a solar energy solution designed specifically for you.

mart, clean solar energy solutions have been helping others save hundereds to thousands of dollars in energy costs while at the same time reducing their carbon impact on the environment. Solaropoly's knowledgeable and friendly staff will walk you through the whole process including permits and rebate filing. Our team also provides on-going services to insure that your custom solution continues to provide you clean energy well into the future.  

Energy costs are not going down and financial incentives won't last. In fact, the rebates are being used up rapidly. Now is the time to install your own Smart, Clean Solar Energy Solution and have a positive impact on your home or business.